Thursday, 28 February 2013

The land with religious fervor, Haridwar

An impromptu visit to Haridwar turned out to be a nice one. Without any proper planning, we set out to Haridwar early in the morning. Since none of us had visited the place before, we hired a car. Since it is located at a close proximity to Delhi, we reached Haridwar within few hours. In between the journey, we stopped only once, that too to have the breakfast.

Reaching Haridwar, we had to spend some time searching for a good hotel of our choice and budget. It turned out to be a task as most of the hotels of our choice were booked. Luckily, we got two rooms in the main area. Located on the banks of river Ganges, this place has great religious importance. The lanes leading to the temples were so crowded with people that the only option to explore the temples on the bank of the river was by walking.

We set out to explore Haridwar during the evening. The hotel guys let us know that we will not be able to visit the Mansa Devi Temple that day as the ropeway that leads to the temple nestled on the hills gets closed around four in the evening. But while strolling on the roads, we got to know that motorbikes were also available which takes passengers to the temple at the cost of around hundred rupees. So, we decided to make an adventurous journey on the motor bikes to the top of the hill. The steep lanes leading to the temple was a bit scary but it was very much exciting. We paid a visit to the temple and had a panoramic view of Haridwar from the top. It was just awesome. It took around one and hours to make the round trip.

While reaching back, it was almost dark. It was even more crowded then. Then we took a rickshaw ride to Har Ki Pauri as we didn’t want to miss the Ganga Aarti for which the place is famous for. If we had missed the Aarti that day, we had to stay there another day. So, we were lucky enough to witness it that day itself. But it was crowded with people from different parts of India. The foreign travelers were seemed to be enjoying much. We managed to pave way through the crowd and see the grand Aarti accompanied by holy chants. Some kind of divine feeling captured our mind when the Aarti was going on. But to take back the shoes deposited in the stall was nothing less than achieving something great.

While returning back to the hotel, we walked on the crowded lanes and explored some of shops. Though there was not much variety but the display of metal items related to pujas was very eye-catching. We did indulge in buying some for our families. Had a good night sleep at the hotel room and returned back to Delhi the next morning. It’s a really nice place and can be visited while you travel in Delhi.

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